CANNA X is a South African based company, which intends to produce EU GMP Certified premium grade medicinal cannabis for international pharmaceutical companies.

The procurement and construction of a 120 000 square foot, state of the art facility, which envisions completion by May 2023 is well under way.

The facility will be comprised of a fully functioning 30 000 square foot cultivation facility and a 20 000 square foot EU GMP certified processing facility. The facility will offer significant advantages in the cultivation and processing of cannabis plants.

The design of the facility will also comply with South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) guidelines related to medicinal cannabis cultivation of dried flower, as well as be EU GMP certified – making this only the third EU GMP facility on the entire African continent.

The facility is designed to ensure CANNA X are industry in the following key activities:

  • Cloning
  • Vegetation
  • FloweringA
  • Harvesting & trimming
  • Drying 
  • Packing facility

Unique, Cultivation Facility

Our 6 bay, 30 000 square foot greenhouse compromises of 200um Sunsaver Nect roofs which include G fronts, complimented with hail covers, sandwish panel cladding, service corridors and doors, rainwater downpipes with the entire structure being compliant with SAHPRA GACP standards, allowing cultivation and export of medicinal cannabis from within South Africa.

Vegtech Netafim was proud to be appointed the cultivation infrastructure provider for the Canna X project. After a comprehensive conceptual design process with the Canna X team, the first phase of the project will consist of a 2500m2 Pad & Fan Greenhouse that will house a Mother, Vegetative and Flowering plant growing area. The crop will be irrigated using a premix fertigation system and delivered to the plant using a highly accurate drip irrigation system. Rolling tables will ensure maximum utilisation of the undercover area, while also allowing irrigation run-off to be collected and recycled. Due to the prevailing climatic conditions, an active dehumidification system will be installed to control humidity and temperature levels in the greenhouse in conjunction with an under-table water heating system and thermal screens. The Flowering area also features a light deprivation system, along with energy efficient LED lighting. A Priva control system brings all these tools together in an intuitive interface and allows the cultivation team to have easy access to their climate and irrigation strategies, as well as live data and alerts.

Our cultivation facility is state of the art and has had various industry leaders and consultants from Canada, the USA and South Africa ensure that the facility has everything necessary to ensure our crop and product will be constant 365 days of the year, meeting the needs of our pharma clients.

Our flowering area consists of 1.5m 7060 wetwalls, eight Saturn 2.0hp extraction fans, light filters for fans and wet walls, four DH Fans (ED24), fiour DH Louvres (SMT 24) Eight horizontal circular fans, twelve vertical flow fans, horizontal shade/energy screens, horizontal black out screen, three hundred and forty eight – 780W LED artificial lights, two Drygair Active Dehumidification units and complete with the entire area being covered by rolling tables.

Our Vegetative area will be installed with 1.5m 7060 wetwalls (1 x 2 bay) with four Saturn 1.5hp extraction fans, two DH fans, two DH Louvres, four horizontal circular fans and six vertical – flow fans, complimented with horizontal shade/energy screen, one hundred and twenty four 780W LED lights for artificial lighting with rolling tables covering the entire area.

The cultivation facility also has a fit for purpose boiler/burner, boiler room, table pipes and a water system fully automated by PRIVA Compass system with three head control tanks and drip irrigation.

The irrigation set up is controlled and run via a state of the art Irr switchboard and GH switchboards to ensure optimal and fully controlled irrigation to ensure our crop gets the perfect amount of nutrients and irrigation at all times, resulting in a crop and product that is constant at all times.

Third EU GMP facility on the entire African continent

EU GMP, Processing Facility

We are extremely proud of the fact that our processing facility is being built to EU GMP standards and spec. The team at CANNA X have made it the organisation’s priority to ensure we are EU GMP certified by the end of 2023 and pride ourselves on the fact our facility would be the third EU GMP facility on the entire African continent, which is ultimately our main differentiating factor.

Our 20 000 square foot processing facility comprises of the following areas and attributes:

  • Air-locked wet biomass receiving bay
  • Wet biomass Quarantine and QC
  • Clean tray storage 
  • 6 dryers and service rooms
  • Personnel Airlock throughout where necessary and applicable
  • Dry Flower trim room
  • Dry Flower Airlock and staging area
  • Curing and degassing area
  • Dedicated dry flower packing rooms
  • Material Airlock rooms
  • Quarantine packing store
  • Vault
  • Dispatch

All of the above is controlled by means of a QC laboratory and QA office, complemented with a Registered Pharmacist and dedicated team to ensure our product is never compromised and always fulfilling the COA and needs of our valued clients.

Disclaimer. Our facility is currently being built. This images are a representation of what our EU GMP facility will look like.

Our Vision

Our vision is to expand operations organically and aim to have a cultivation area of 350 000 square feet by 2028 and become a global leader in cannabis cultivation and processing.

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